Transparent Politics!

Search Bills and Acts and share petitions. Get notifications about new Bills.

You will be able to search for Bills and Acts, find them by date or keywords and see the details of each Bill or Act.
Also you will be able to see the full text if you'd like so.

App features

Shares your ideas with other citizens on existing bills and acts!
Get notifications when new bills enter the Parliament.
You will be able to create petitions on each and every Bill and Act. Your petition will be shared across the app and will be visible to everyone.
You will be able to vote on other people petitions making a petition more or less relevant.
The higher a petition is the more relevance it will be given by the app.


You will be notified of any Bill that will enter the House of Commons. In this way no action of the government will pass unseen.




If you would like to request any other specific feature, please use the form on the "Contact Us" page!



What is the Transparent Politics app?

The Transparent Politics app allows you to search and comment on existing Bills and Acts. Its aim is to spread the knowledge on what is going on within your country and easily give you a tool to share your ideas against current legislation.

Search for Bills and Acts

Share your thoughts

VOte on petitions

DAILy notifications

Submit petitions from anywhere!
Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0.



Check legistlations while on the move!