Who we are


We are people passionate about improving our current political system. Inspired by technology we want to allow every citizen to be part of a new democracy where every individual will be able to contribute to the decisions discussed in the parliament.


We want to make this app an informational app, where people can extract information out of it and exchange opinions, free of charge and free of bias!


About Us

Our Vision


The following points is what we believe modern politics should be!



Everyone should be able to clearly and easily see what's going on in the current legislation.



Everyone should be able to contribute to every single decision introduced in the parliament.



Currently nobody is accountable for the decisions made in the parliament. Few people takes the decisions, but nobody is accountable. By shifting the vote to the people, everyone will be accountable of their own vote.



In the 21st century is not acceptable to vote only once every five years and letting strangers deciding the life of millions of people without being accountable for it. We now have the technology to allow people to be involved with every decision without having to delegate power to few elected MPs.